He can probably beat you in trivia, makes some of the best cocktails in the city, and wears a fedora better than anyone.  Not only is he a master mixologist, he is one of the reasons why the atmosphere at the Kindred taproom is so damn inviting.  The man, the myth, the legend: Pants.

Name:  Pants

The obvious question:  Why does everyone call you Pants?  Everyone calls me Pants for the same reason people call each other anything- that’s how I usually introduce myself, or am introduced based off a previous introduction. In other circles I’m known as John, Jack, Sergio, Chris and the Mayor. Someone called me Paul at a party, but they had mistaken me for someone else.

Special Talents or Hobbies:  As far as hobbies, there’s not a lot I’m not interested in. Except not ending sentences with prepositions. And the somewhat-antiquated prohibition on double-negatives. And the temperate-use of hyphens. So maybe grammar-in-general. But everything else I’m pretty into.

Beer I'm Drinking Right Now: Right now the beer I’m most in love with is Yellow Springs Brewery’s Zoetic, but I have a feeling it will be a fun but fleeting affair. I’m still looking for the kind of beer I can take home to my mother.

Favorite Kindred Beer: My favorite Kindred beer was definitely the vanilla cinnamon coffee porter. It’s one of the best beers I’ve ever had, period. I wish we could have it all the time. Hint, hint.

Best Beer I've Ever Had: The best beer I’ve ever had was just called Pilsner. It’s comparable to Miller Lite but of the Ecuadorian persuasion. I drank it one night down there and ended up making out with one of the prettiest girls I have ever met... Sometimes context is everything.

Favorite Ohio Beer:  My favorite Ohio beer is whatever home brew friends drop off. I love the joie-de-vivre and creativity homebrewers bring to the table. Anything done for passion as opposed to profit seems to taste better. Enthusiasm definitely has its own flavor profile and you can’t beat the price.

People Might Also Know Me From: Bars, bingo halls, brothels, bocce courts, basement shows, back alleys and the occasional bush... Any place that begins with ‘B’, really.

Reason I Love My Job: What’s not to love? I get my mornings free and spend my evenings helping people have a good time.

Three Things I Would Save if My House Were in Flames: The three things I’d save if my house was on fire would be the walls, floor and ceiling.

Who Would I Want to Have a Beer With, Living and Deceased: The person alive who I’d most like to have a beer with is the one who is buying the next round. I don’t like drinking with dead people. They’re poor conversationalists and they smell weird.

My Perfect Vacation:  I would have to say Columbus from May to August. The weather is warm, I can sit on my porch, and everyone else is away on vacation.

Playing on My iTunes Right Now: I’m not a fan of any of Apple’s practices so I try not to support them or their products. I do, however, enjoy going to shows and supporting local talent. Cafe Bourbon St, Ace of Cups, Rumba, Rambling House, Dick’s Den – there are tons of places just in my neighborhood to see great live, local music.