At Kindred, we strive to make great beer but we feel that the best attribute of our brewery is our people.  An avid artist, activist, and major craft beer enthusiast, Mike is certainly one of the best reasons to stop by for a drink and some conversation.  Get to know him below:

Special Talents or Hobbies:  Drawing and painting is something that I've picked back up in my late 20's/early 30's which has lead me to really enjoy the creative process. I appreciate novelty, so traveling to new places, camping, hiking and exploring things I've never been to is something I try to do on a consistent basis. I also love to read (if i can sit still long enough), exercise, and follow all Cleveland sports teams.

Beer you’re loving/drinking right now:  I honestly don't have a favorite right now but I'm seeking out light session beers so anything from a lager to a table beer is what I'm into. That, and Jameson. 

Favorite Kindred Beer ever: I'd have to say it's a tie between the the Brune and the Saison. From day one I loved the Saison here but the Brune was my first exposure to a Belgian brown ale and I loved the blend of malts and Belgian yeast we used for that beer in particular. It was delicious. 

Best beer you’ve ever had: Too hard to answer because there is so much good beer being made today, however, if there was one that just made me look at craft beer in a different way, it was a one-off by Dogfish Head called Ta Henket. They called it an ancient ale, and basically tried to revive an ancient Egyptian beer through a recipe they found in Cairo, I believe.

Favorite Ohio beer: Again, so hard to answer. Seventh Son's strong ale is up there along with Four String's pilsner. I can't say Jameson again, can I? 

People might also know you from: I worked at Seventh Son and Strongwater in Franklinton for a while and still currently tend bar at Four String's taproom in Grandview. I was also a full time community organizer in Northeast Ohio and have met a lot of people through my activism over the years.

How did you end up working in craft beer? I kinda fell into craft beer as I initially worked at Homage when I first moved to Columbus three years ago. I met an outstanding human being there named Tony Collinger who left there to manage Seventh Son's taproom and got me a shift barbacking on Friday nights and eventually left Homage to work in the service industry full time. 

Reason you love your job:  Balance of life is very important to me and tending bar gives me more time and opportunity outside of work to do things that bring me joy and satisfaction. I really enjoy working in craft beer not only because I have really grown to appreciate the brewers and the work that they put into making beer but the fact that I also work for a small business. I think it's a beautiful thing that craft beer is growing in Columbus and that people have their local favorite breweries to support. A community is evolving right in front of us. 

3 Things I'd save if my house was on fire: My girlfriend, her cat, and my sketch books.

Who I would want to have a beer with, living and deceased: Martin Luther King Jr. is one of my heroes and I'd love to have a beer with him to pick his brain and be in the presence of a human being that changed the course of history for the better. Living, a Vietnamese monk named Thich Nhat Hanh, who was exiled to France during the Vietnam war because his poetry and art became so powerful and also was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Martin Luther King Jr.

Perfect vacation:  I'd really enjoy backpacking through Central and South America and seeing things like Machu Picchu but equally spending time on beautiful beaches relaxing. I love the water.

What’s playing on my iTunes:  An awesome Canadian jazz band called Badbadnotgood